Orders must be submitted in writing (letter, fax or e-mail). They should reflect the references of each
product, indicated in the current rate.

It is reserved to accept orders from those customers who have breached previous contracts.
The particular conditions cited in the customer’s order will be cancelled if they do not comply with these
general conditions of sale or that are expressly accepted.

The prices in this list are for sale to the public (recommended) and appear in Euros. These prices, in
no case, include the installation or commissioning of the material. All prices are understood without

The packaging will be the standard. Any packaging or special shipping system that is expressly required by the customer will be in charge of the latter.

The goods always travel at the buyer’s risk. We strongly recommend that you check the condition of
the merchandise in the established time, otherwise Coreco S.A. declines all responsibility to the buyer.

The claim for blows or deterioration of the goods originated in the transport will not be accepted, in
any case, if it is not accompanied by the proof of the claim made by the buyer to the transport agency,
within the maximum legal term of 24 hours after the receipt of the merchandise.

No return of the material will be accepted without the express written consent of Coreco S.A.
In the case of the acceptance of a return of material, all expenses generated, including postage will be
borne by the customer.

The materials will be paid in accordance with the conditions of the state of the merchandise, reserving
Coreco S.A. the right to stipulate the final price of the subscription.

Coreco S.A. will be held responsible only for manufacturing defects, excluding the manipulation or
incorrect use of the material by the customer or user. The guarantee will be established according to
the current law. All material remitted as guarantee will be billed and its corresponding payment will
be made, once the defective and proven parts have been sent by Coreco S.A.

Until the granting of credit to a customer, all transactions will be paid by advance payment. If the
invoices are not paid within the agreed deadlines, the customer will be responsible for the return and/
or delay costs.

All spare parts will be sent postage due.

The merchandise is owned and controlled by Coreco S.A. until the total payment of the same by the

In this case, the Courts of Lucena (Córdoba) will be competent.

Coreco S.A. reserves the right to introduce, without prior notice, the modifications it deems necessary,
without prejudice to the main characteristics of the products.

Coreco S.A. - C.I.F: ES A-14071559
I.R.M. de Córdoba, Tomo 263 general, 177 de la Sección de Anónimas, Hoja número 4349 General, 2483 de Anónimas, Inscripción 1ª de fecha 21-1-86