The Directorate of CORECO S.A. developed this policy based on quality assurance in their activities, and conscientious of the environmental impact associated with labor and the risk they posed, commits to pollution prevention and the prevention of occupational risks, integrating environmental protection environment and their employees and those working on their behalf, in developing its overall management.

Established as the pillars of its system are:

Achieving customer satisfaction, meeting their real needs and expectations to be able to meet them through the proper functioning of the Integrated Management System Quality, Environment and Prevention.

The quality of our services is continuously improved as a route for the Enterprise to achieve a high level of competitiveness.

Ensure the ability of suppliers to supply their products and ensure that they respect the environment. To this end, establishing the media and methods, promoting the best use of natural resources necessary for its activity, and reduction of waste and effluents polluting the atmosphere, soil and water, trying to apply technology cleaner at your fingertips.

We pledge to meet contractual requirements, regulatory and legal that we are implementing.

Enhance the best use of natural resources necessary for the activity, and reduction of waste and effluents polluting air, soil and water, trying to apply scientific knowledge and cleaner technologies at their disposal.

Develop, design, and maintain facilities and work processes that are safe and minimize risk.

Define, implement and maintain procedures to ensure the implementation of safe practices.

Reviewing the results of health and safety including accident and incident reports, accident rates, training and audit reports.

The Directorate is involved in continuous improvement with the establishment of annual objectives for quality, environment and prevention, and periodically evaluates the system using tools from other indicators.

To achieve this, it is important that all of the people that form the template, we can put a set of personal core values, such as: Illusion, efficient and professional.

It is important to involve all employees in implementing this policy and provide advice, training and appropriate supervision to enable employees and others to carry out their work and their responsibilities safely and competently.

The Director of CORECO S.A. ensures that its policy is disseminated, exposing in places visible to all staff, as well as understood and applied to all levels of the organization and management system that is described in this Manual will be implemented, updated and refined on an ongoing basis.

Signed: Joaquín López Jiménez.

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